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At BodyViva, we believe everybody should be able to live a life free of pain and restriction. Our clinic takes a holistic approach to health, offering quality physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and podiatry services.

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Repair damage. Reduce stiffness. Increase mobility. Ease pain.

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Develop a greater state of health and wellbeing naturally.

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Heal aches & pains related to your feet. Fix trauma. Stabilise posture.

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Massage Therapy

Soothe muscles. Undo knotting & tension. Improve circulation. Enhance relaxation.

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Relieve tension. Improve digestion & sleep. Ease pain.

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Pilates & Physio Exercise Classes

Improve flexibility. Build strength. Empower your mind.

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Facilitating your body to achieve balance to enhance overall health and wellness

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Womens Health Physiotherapy

Saba is friendly, gentle and easy to talk to, as well as respectful and empathetic of her patients’ concerns.


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Eliminate Pain & Maximise Movement

Do you have stiff or sore joints that are holding you back from completing everyday tasks? Maybe you’ve injured yourself in the past and are still suffering the consequences?

We create tailored rehabilitation programs dedicated to getting you back into your best shape, as soon as possible!

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Our private, professional suites and caring practitioners ensure you receive the high level of service you deserve.

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