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Below are examples of common exercises that we do in our Pilates and Physio Exercise Classes. Each short exercise demonstration is designed with the aim of building core strength, as well as overall functional strength and flexibility.

We have seen many clients achieve great results, alleviate pain and improve levels of joint stiffness through practising these exercises in our classes. However, we recommend being assessed by a qualified professional before attempting these exercises.

  • Exercise Video

    Reverse Nordic Exercise

    - by BodyViva

    The Reverse Nordic exercise is very effective for strengthening the quadriceps muscle group at the front of the thigh. Athletes commonly use this exercise to improve their performance and minimise their risk of a quadriceps injury.

  • Exercise Video

    Lunges Split/Squats

    - by BodyViva

    This Lunging/Split Squat exercise targets the gluteals, quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups. We also explain how to use this exercise to improve lumbopelvic stability and control.

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