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What does an appointment at BodyViva involve? Find out below.

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What happens at the first session?

The first time you come to see us, you will be greeted at reception by our lovely support staff. We will get you to fill out some forms that will help us better look after you. Your therapist will then introduce themself and take you through for your session.

Your therapist will have a friendly chat with you and carry out an examination to find out how we can best help you. Then, depending on what your goals are and what you need from the initial session, you will receive hands-on treatment, advice and the opportunity to ask questions, as well as guidance and instruction on any self-treatment strategies or exercises you can do in between sessions to get the best results possible.

Your therapist will, where possible, give you an idea of how many sessions you may need, or how long you will take to get better. This can vary from person to person, due to a number of factors, so your therapist will constantly assess your progress and suggest any alterations to the plan that are needed along the way.


How often will I need to come?

This varies greatly between individuals. Sometimes only a few treatments will be required. Generally, your sessions are more frequent in the early stages, to ensure we get right on top of your problem. They will usually taper off toward the end of your treatment plan.

Many of our clients opt for a preventative/maintenance program once we’ve addressed their initial problem. This may involve coming in anywhere from fortnightly to once every two months, to ensure you can keep living your life free from pain or restriction. Again, the frequency and type of treatment are continually re-assessed and discussed with you to make sure you’re happy with it and to ensure you are receiving the best treatment tailored to your needs.


Do you have rooms or curtained areas?

All of our treatment sessions are carried out in private, quiet and comfortable treatment rooms with floor to ceiling walls.


Where can I park?

Feel free to park anywhere in our car park directly outside the front of our clinic.

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