Meals to Kick off your New Year’s Resolution

Meals to Kick off your New Year’s Resolution
January 20, 2020 BodyViva

Many of us use this time of year to start fresh, especially with our diets. Eating healthier can be tricky if you are not equipped with great recipes to keep you on track. At BodyViva, your health and wellness is the top priority to us and that‘s why we have put together a list of exciting and healthy recipes to kickstart your year!


Avocado Toast and Eggs

Covering all of your macronutrient segments, avocado toast with eggs has plenty of healthy carbs, fats and protein! Avocado toast and eggs may be dubbed as a millennial staple, but it is a recipe that we think every gen can enjoy! We recommend using a wholegrain, crusty bread for your toast. This recipe includes lime and pepper to spice it up and make things more interesting!

Overnight Oats

A breakfast that will keep you full for longer, overnight oats can be made with the flavours you love. Convenience is not always associated with healthy meals, but this recipe requires prep at night time meaning you can fill up before a busy day faster! Our favourite flavours always include fresh fruit. If your resolution is to go vegan, substitute out the dairy milk and yogurt for non-dairy options! Get the recipe for overnight oats with 15 different flavours here!

avocado poached egg toast healthy meal BodyViva


Chicken Bowls

Chicken breast is the meat of choice when it comes to meal prepping and for good reason- it’s lean, clean and tasty! This make-ahead meal can be taken with you to work or eaten as soon as you make it. Spice up your typical chicken, veggies and rice combo with this flavourful Cajun honey chicken bowl here.

Substantial Salad

Salads are the typical ‘healthy meal’, but many of us who trial eating plain salads for lunch give it up quickly due to bland flavour or being left hungry. Including proteins and fats in your salads will help them to be both more interesting and filling. Quinoa and chickpeas are two plant-based ingredients that are rich in protein and will help bulk up any salad! Get the recipe for a tasty Moroccan chickpea quinoa power salad here.

chickpea salad healthy meal BodyViva


Fish Tacos

Tropical and great for summer, fish tacos are a healthier alternative to your typical fatty beef mince taco kit recipe. Although they may take longer to make than a meal kit, fish tacos are a far more nutritious and delicious option. This recipe is great for sharing as everyone can build their own which is perfect for picky eaters! Try this recipe for fish tacos with chipotle avocado here.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of our takeaway favourites! When trying to eat healthier, you should still be able to enjoy your favourite meals but rather than relying on your local restaurant to keep it clean, know exactly what is going in the pot by making it at home. Many restaurants prioritise flavour, meaning that additives like oil, butter and fat may be added in excess. This can be limited with a little bit of DIY in your own kitchen. Try this Vegetarian Pad Thai recipe that will satisfy your takeout cravings!



Edamame is a nutrient-dense snack that will help you keep on par with your macro goals. High in Iron, Manganese, Vitamin K and Folate, a cup serving of these legumes is only 189 calories and packed full of important nutrients. You can have edamame plain, with salt or really take it up a notch with this chile-garlic edamame recipe here!

Protein Balls

Protein balls are a fun way to fill yourself up with the good stuff. You can make protein balls in a huge variety of flavours, but if you are using a protein powder we recommend trying to match that flavour with the rest of your ingredients. This peanut butter protein ball recipe only uses wholesome ingredients so you know exactly what you are eating.

At BodyViva we believe that your health is what you need to thrive! Eating healthy is just one step in the process of living a better, more active life. If you have concerns about your physical wellbeing or would like to further improve your health through fun physio and pilates classes, contact us today to book your next visit!