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“I have never worked in a more accepting & friendly environment. From my first day, I felt comfortable with all the staff. We all have a great working relationship and this makes it incredibly easy to get up and go to work every day. Having the opportunity to work part-time as a therapist, I was able to juggle a home/work balance and had more time with my children. The clients that attend the clinic are also very lovely and I was able to build up a great rapport with them all.”

Remedial Massage Therapist, Shala

BodyViva Mission
To positively impact lives in our local community.
Our Vision

To consistently achieve excellence in health care and maintain a superior level of service within our professions and disciplines.
We aim to be a leader in the provision of primary care to all members of the community through a commitment to evidence-based practice and individualised treatment.

Core Values


Care For Others


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What Makes Us Different
Empowered to be extraordinary.

People who take great pride in what they do. People who bring out the best in each other. People who truly care about each other, and our customers. It’s rare. It’s unique. And it’s exactly who we are. Do we sound like your kind of people? We may be the right fit for you.


Easily accessible – Just off the M1
35 minutes from Gold Coast
15 minutes from Brisbane

Easy and convenient parking right out the front of the clinic.

Professional Development and Training

Professional and personal development is very important to us. Our weekly team training sessions are aimed at ensuring our therapists stay at the top of their game, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

We supplement this with tailored training programs for each individual therapist, based on your needs and preferences, and where you’re at on your professional journey.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Gain experience working with and learning from health professionals from other disciplines.

BodyViva New-Graduate Physiotherapist Program

We take pride in our structured and comprehensive BodyViva New-Graduate Physiotherapist Program, which involves extensive systematic in-house training, and generous funding for external courses.

We aim to ease you into private practice work while challenging you to become the best clinician you can be.

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“My experience at BodyViva was a massively positive one. A great place to come on a daily basis. The friendly and professional staff create a positive environment. The well designed and maintained clinic creates a professional atmosphere that is so important in health care. The management at BodyViva foster a collaborative and professional environment that enables staff to progress and excel. Physiotherapists are supported to pursue areas of interest to them through professional development allowance and collaborative in-services. You can see the management at BodyViva has a genuine interest in helping its Physio’s fulfil their goals and becoming the best they can be. Delivering Professional high-quality Physiotherapy to clients at BodyViva made working here very enjoyable.”

Physiotherapist, Jamie

What Makes Us Different
Flexibility and Autonomy

We value work-life balance and aim to be as flexible as possible around working hours and working arrangements. We all have our unique commitments and priorities outside of work, so accommodating this for each of our staff as best we can is important to us.

Develop yourself personally and professionally.

Our Career Progression Pathway here at BodyViva is completely optional and allows you to either just keep focusing on being a great therapist, or to choose between a number of different avenues to pursue to develop yourself personally and professionally.

Clinical Pathway:

Choose an area or areas that you’d like to specialise in clinically. We will provide extra professional development funding and help you gain experience in that area, allowing you to become a ‘guru’ in your chosen niche!

Business/Marketing Pathway:

Gain business experience through exploring and learning about various ways of marketing and growing different aspects of a business. Responsibilities will include working with the Director and Practice Manager to apply and develop various strategies aimed at achieving specific goals. Scope to bring your own initiatives and ideas to the table make this an exciting and rewarding avenue to pursue!

Leadership/Mentoring Pathway:

Leadership skills are valuable in almost every aspect of our life. Not to mention a very rewarding skill to have. Responsibilities will include mentoring less experienced staff/therapists and reaping the rewards of seeing them grow personally and professionally. If leading and helping others excites you, we would love to see that flourish!

Social Pathway:

If you enjoy the social aspect of the workplace, this avenue is for you! You will be responsible for making sure our team get a good dose of social opportunities to make our clinic an even more enjoyable place to work!

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