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    Kinesiology BodyViva health multidisciplinary clinic

    What is Kinesiology?

    - by BodyViva

    At BodyViva, we have recently started offering Kinesiology treatment. In our latest article, we have explained what Kinesiology is all about!

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    BodyViva exercise video Table-top exercise with fitball

    Table top exercise with fitball

    - by jennifer

    This demonstration of a table-top exercise with a fitball includes an explanation of the alignment and breathing technique that we want to achieve with all our class exercises. The exercise focuses on core strength, stability and control. We also show two slightly easier variations for the exercise.

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    healthy meals new years resolutions BodyViva

    Meals to Kick off your New Year’s Resolution

    - by BodyViva

    Many of us use this time of year to start fresh with our diets. Eating healthier can be tricky if you are not equipped with great recipes to keep you on track. Check out our list of healthy meals to kick off your New Year’s resolution.